I like to code. I explore data with SQL and Python which you can see on my Kaggle. I also play around on the web with html, css, and javascript. You can see some things I've toyed with on my My GitHub also has some good old java projects from undergrad.

Design and prototyping

I love building MVP's for ideas I have. Some tools I like to use include Figma,, and Webflow. I also love talking to users, understanding their experience, and translating that into design.

I share some work on Twitter

Other Recent Projects

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A barely started startup. Building and testing an MVP for a virtual, on-demand tutoring service.

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Support Your Shops

An online directory of small businesses in my home town, built during covid-19 lockdowns.

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Capstone Design Report

A long form case study on designing a donations platform.

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Smart Lock

Building a Bluetooth door lock.