Donations Platform

Designing a better way to give

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Fall 2018, I came across a peice of research that concluded that American's donate far less to charity than they feel they actually should. The numbers said that while Americans felt that they should donate around 6% of their salary, the actual number fell closer to 3%. This gap is equivalent to a $250B loss in potential donations. I immediately wondered, what could help close this gap?

The Problem

I observed that donations are a haphazard business. They tend to be done sporadically with a fair deal of randomness, based on marketing, in who the recipient organization is. I began to imagine a central hub for donations. If it was as easy to keep track of and make donations to charitable organizations as something like Robinhood has made it invest in public corporations, maybe more people would do it more frequently.


It was my last semester at school and, consequently, I had to submit a Capstone Project. I decided to run with the donations idea and made my capstone a Product Case Study exploring a potential digital solutation for this problem.

This project was a fun way for me to synthesize the many things I had learned about product management, design, and computer science. I went through the design thinking process conducting research, devloping prototypes, interviewing potential users, and iterating utilizing their feedback. I also put together a rough business plan and explained how this product would be developed.

If this sounds interesting, take a look at my Capstone Report below in which I go into far more detail.