An on-demand, online service to connect students with tutors at their college.

This (terrible quality) demo is for a peer-to-peer tutoring service I built at the beginning of 2020.

This was my first time building and shipping a working MVP from scratch. It was a consuming process and I loved it.

I actually tried to launch this product in that I went through Startup School, talked to dozens of potential users, worked with someone to build a custom video-chat implementation, and even got a few sign ups.

The beginning of the pandemic and the difficulties of trying to start a marketplace, working on my own, while working a fulltime job brought this project to a hault.

What ultimately led me to stop working on it was actually that I think it was the wrong idea. My user research seemed to suggest that the product students really wanted was a platform that would allow their teachers to run existing office hours virtually. This also happens to be a better business model, as the university becomes the buyer. Someone I knew was already working on this, which led me to back off.

I do think that in the future, students will rarely walk across campus in a rush to attend office hours. It will all be done from their computer.

This project was a great experience because it taught me that I love the process of building products. Especially in the scrappy way that can only happen when you do it from scratch with a small group (or yourself).