During college I created my own major. This allowed me to take a mix of classes in the topics that interested me. Those ended up being math, computer science, mechanical engineering, design, and analytics. This background led me to product management.

I spent a year as an analyst, exploring customer servicing data, before starting my current role as a product manager on Capital One's machine learning platform.

Outside of my day job, I like to program, play around with data, and write. I particularly love building little products. I'm a Python fan and am currently teaching myself to build web apps using Django.

You can take find some of my code on Github.

I sometimes post quick write-ups for projects below.

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A barely started startup. Building and testing an MVP for a virtual, on-demand tutoring service.

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Support Your Shops

An online directory of small businesses in my home town, built during covid-19 lockdowns.

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Capstone Design Report

A long form case study on designing a donations platform.

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Smart Lock

Building a Bluetooth door lock.